Ways CBD and Yoga Go Hand In Hand

We are celebrating National Yoga Month and wanted to discuss a topic that is very close to the hearts of the yogis in our community: how can CBD enhance the yoga experience.

India, which is the birthplace of yoga, has a long history of cannabis usage. It’s been used in tandem with yoga and other similar traditions, such as meditation. The benefits of yoga and cannabis combined can enhance one another’s capabilities to ease pain, stress, anxiety, or other symptoms.

They were unable to extract the CBD which is one key component of cannabis that can be used to induce relaxation and other relief in ancient times.

Today, we’ll be looking at how CBD can enhance your yoga practice as well as your overall experience with cannabidiol.

What exactly IS CBD?

CBD, an extract from the hemp plant that provides relief for a range of symptoms, is non-psychoactive. CBD products have gained popularity since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized cannabis.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol or cannabis, interacts with CB-receptors in the human endocannabinoid (ECS) system. Researchers believe CBD may be similar molecularly to our own Endocannabinoids. It could also play a role in controlling other receptors such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other triggers.

How Does CBD & Yoga Work

1. Promote Your Focus

CBD oil, along with other CBD products, is well-known for their ability to boost focus throughout the day, promote wakefulness, energize the mind, and increase productivity. Yoga is an ancient method of focusing one’s attention.

It is important to be able to calm down your mind when practicing yoga. CBD seems like it optimizes this ability. This makes it much easier to quieten your mind and find your peace.

2. Relieve Stress and Calm the Mind

CBD can help you wake up, and it is effective in relieving both physical and psychological stress. A 2006 study shows that CBD may be effective in managing stress-related anxiety and heartbeat.

People who do yoga regularly, and others, like meditation, incorporate CBD into their daily lives before they even start. The best way to minimize stress is to use CBD in tangents while you are practicing yoga.

3. Amplify Ant inflammation

CBD is often touted to be an effective treatment for inflammation. We have seen studies that support this claim.

Although we still have to conduct more clinical trials on humans and study the effects of cannabidiol on human health, there are some studies. These studies reinforce what our intuition has already shown. Additional research shows that the endocannabinoid systems, which cannabidiol interacts well with, are a key player in the regulation of inflammation throughout your body.

4. Quality of Living Improved

CBD is becoming a well-known substance that you can use every day to promote and stimulate overall wellness. CBD is being praised for its ability to provide relief for those suffering from chronic pain. We’ve also seen CBD and yoga work well together since both can help improve the quality of life.

A fully random 6-month clinical study with healthy senior citizens and voluntary participants was carried out. The researchers measured the quality of life by using indicators that included, but were not limited to:

  • Well-Being
  • Level of Fatigue
  • Energy

Similar to CBD research, the results from consistently taking CBD and engaging in a relaxing activity like yoga can show that both can contribute to improving the quality of living. Combining the two can only produce more.

5. Better Sleep Quality

It is important to note that there are two clinical trials, one titled “impact yoga practice on long-term sleep quality and life quality in the elderly”, which tie back into improving quality. Two clinical trials have been conducted on the subject, both titled “impact of long-term yoga practice on sleep quality and quality of life in the elderly.”

How does this tie into CBD? This is how CBD fits in with this. According to a 2019 study where CBD was administered as a way to decrease the effects of stress-related to sleep and insomnia researchers concluded that stress and anxiety were the leading causes of sleeplessness. The addition of CBD to yoga can help relax the body and make it more comfortable.