Are You Looking for the Foyer Chandelier of Best Size?

In any home, your foyer is the most important as well as the most overlooked area. It is not very difficult to find how many of us often fail to notice particularly in any smaller homes where your foyer is hardly noticeable. However, also in homes having grand entryways, this kind of pass-through space may be without any style or substance.

This area surely deserves better treatment, as the foyer usually greets you as you enter your home and also welcomes your guests when they enter. The foyer must set the tone of your home in other parts too.

A small hallway chandelier with good lighting is the best way to ensure your foyer will make a very good first impression. With sophisticated style, a foyer chandelier can light up your entryway, however, it can be quite tricky to select the right size of chandelier and also hang it at a proper height.

The following are a few tips to select your foyer chandelier:

  1. Review the ceiling height before you buy

Only if your ceiling height is very high, choose a chandelier light to introduce impactful lighting that will become a focal point in your lofty space.

  1. Consider the diameter of your chandelier fixture

Proper choice of the diameter of your chandelier is very important. Add the width and length of the area in feet and then convert that value to inches, which will be the proper diameter for your chandelier light fixture.

  1. The height of your chandelier fixture

The thumb rule to follow here is that while hanging lighting fixtures, you must have 2” – 3” of height meant for every foot of your ceiling height.

  1. Fixture illumination

Here the thumb rule is, to multiply your room length by its width, and then multiply the result by 1.5, which will be the wattage needed by all lights of your ceiling fixture.

  1. Create your focal point by using hallway lighting

You need to choose your chandelier light such that it becomes the focal point at your entry. Let your lighting do the necessary talking with its simple design that can catch the eye.

  1. Maximize light by spacing light fittings strategically

Create a more continuous look with a series of fitted hallway type of ceiling lights for an excellent lighting solution in a darkish entryway.

  1. Make a certain statement by using a timeless chandelier

Go for a certain dramatic chandelier in case you would like to take the maximum benefit for creating a certain statement for your entryway.

  1. Use sleek wall light for creating a minimalist look

Sleek wall lights are an effective way of illuminating a corridor and are a terrific complement to your minimalist-inspired space.

  1. Choose different sources of light for serving different purposes

When you are considering lighting your corridor, it is crucial to consider the ambiance you want to achieve. When friends come over, you may prefer a top light meant for practical use for your day-to-day needs and a certain table lamp for creating a warmer, and more atmospheric vibe.