Corner and edge protection are a cheap way to protect your product

Anybody who has ever moved knows how easy it can be to damage or ding a sheet or pane. It can be challenging to safely move large flat items such as mirrors, paintings, and tabletops from one location to the next. If you consider the industrial scale of moving and shipping these ungainly items by the thousands or hundreds every day, the damage becomes almost an inevitable result. Even with the best mechanical efficiency, there will be breakages and damage. A pane or panel will eventually slip or fall, shift during transport, bang against a doorway edge, or become damaged. One pane of glass can fall and cause a landslide if it is not too bad.

Transportation losses are inevitable. If a company is prepared to take simple preventative steps, these losses can be reduced.

Edge protection and corner protection made easy

Let’s say you have windows that need shipping. Glass countertops. You might have a lot of solar panels and need them to be delivered safely from the factory to their destination. You want to make sure that the items are properly packed and loaded. It’s a good idea, however, to ensure that every item is protected from the elements by fitting corner or edge protectors.

Consider a protector for your smartphone. It’s nothing more than a shock-absorbing, a cushioned band of plastic that wraps around your phone. The protective strip absorbs the impact of dropping your phone and prevents any damage. Edge protection for panes and panels works in the same manner. Protectors can be placed around corners or along the edges to give you extra assurance that your products will not be damaged by accidental falls.

Custom size for custom protection

The corner and edge protectors molded devices offer are unique in that they are made according to the requirements of our clients. We will make a protector for you based on your dimensions. Our clients don’t have to accept protection that is too loose or stretched to fit. It provides maximum protection and is one less thing a business has to worry about when shipping the next order.

How much does this type of protection cost? Manufacturers could save hundreds of thousands of money by avoiding the cost of replacements, extra shipping costs, and repair costs.

Our guards can be made to order, and they can be reused as long as the dimensions of your product remain the same. This is a significant amount of money that a company could use to move from the incidental costs column to the profits column.

They will eventually wear out and new guards will be required, but a small investment into corner or edge protection can make a huge difference in reducing losses due to products being damaged in unfortunate accidents. In many cases, unfortunate accidents could have been avoided if there had been a small plastic buffer between the product’s surface and the natural forces.

Don’t lose another piece of your product in transit

Every pane of glass you ship can pose a risk. Why take that risk to your bottom line if you don’t have to? An inexpensive edge or corner protector can help you save several times your initial costs and make your customers happy.