Truman Annex Key West’s Three Best Features

You’ll be able to pinpoint your favorite spot, favorite location, favorite Happy Hour spot, or preferred location to view the sunset after your first trip to the Island, or possibly after a few more trips. They are ours. A favorite is the Truman Annex in Key West. It is complete.

Let’s have a look at Truman annex’s top 3 qualities


Location is what every real estate salesperson will advise… This is all available at Truman Annex. Mallory Square is a short stroll away and Duval Street is only a few blocks distant from this area. Both the renowned restaurants in Bahama Village and the exciting nightlife on Duval Street are nearby. However, the serene setting and tree-lined lanes provide a calm refuge.

A short bike ride or stroll will get you to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. In Key West’s Truman Annex is where you’ll find this lovely park. This beach is a fantastic location for unwinding and admiring the ocean views. Fish may be visible swimming in and out of the water at high tide.

Whitehead Street is west of the Truman Annex. The Shipyard Condos and Fort Zachary Taylor are both easily accessible from Southard. Just a few steps away from the Green Parrot is where you’ll locate Truman’s entrance.


Obama Annex Key West has a lengthy past. This location is a military installation as well as a neighborhood. Its history may be traced back to 1845 when Fort Zachary Taylor included it. In 1932, the Navy built new docks to turn them into submarine bases. The Fort Zachary Taylor Annex moniker was later given to it. The larger nuclear submarines were then unable to use it because they were too huge, leading to their decommissioning in 1974.

The Naval Air station continues to function as the main facility nearby. Six miles to the east of Truman Annex, on Boca Chica Key, the Naval Air Station was relocated. Truman Annex has 17 acres left as of right now. Following World War, I, the base was abandoned. The entire staff was transferred or let go.

The majority of the structures were deconstructed or destroyed before being relocated. From 1920 through 1930, the facility was only sporadically used for seaplane training. Up until 1939, it was dormant. The base was reopened to support the Navy right before the US entered World War II.

If you enter the gate just after Margaritaville Resort, you will locate the Truman White House (next to Mallory Square). President Truman, who enjoyed the weather of Key West during many winters, inspired the naming of this region. You are welcome to drop by and explore the residence. This is a fascinating account of Truman’s visit to this area along with that of other dignitaries.

Stunning Accommodations

The gated enclave was built by private developer Pritam Sing after he paid $17 million for the site. With its tree-lined streets, it transports you back in time. It is impossible to hear or see the commotion on Duval’s streets as you go around. There are numerous choices for renting these condominiums,

townhomes, or opulent private residences. To view what’s currently available, search the Truman Annex for your holiday rental. Key West’s way of life is viewed differently in each neighborhood and each dwelling. These apartments come with a parking space as well, which, in my opinion, makes them twice as appealing. Drive the automobile inside after parking.

In The Foundry

With a Bostonian façade, they have an entirely tropical interior. They are a three-story townhouse with a pool available. It’s noteworthy to remember that Thomas Edison created 41 weapons for the US war effort during his six-month stay there in 1918.