A Few Facts About Waterhog Mats That You Need To Know

In the matt-making business, Waterhog is a household name. Waterhog mats are the go-to option for customers in need of commercial and domestic matting. WaterHog doormats, which have become increasingly popular, are now sold in a dizzying array of styles. Waterhog doormats would look great at your front door. This is why these mats are placed at the front and back doors: to catch debris and water from shoes coming in from the outside. If you’re looking for some mats for the inside of your home, Waterhog has you covered there, too.

These mats will prevent damage to your flooring, make your home feel more inviting, and enhance the room’s aesthetics. The WaterHog doormat can be set up on outdoor stairways and sidewalks to extend coverage there as well. For those who live in colder climates, the need to shovel snow may be reduced if you invest in one of these outdoor mats that features heated flooring. Even the elevator shafts, lobby, and reception areas can all be tiled with Waterhog brand tiles. They are also a great aesthetic choice for the hallways of office buildings.

To help you better understand Waterhog floor mats, below are the five most important facts you must know.

They Have Solid Rubber Backs To Support Them

Waterhog floor mats feature a dual-layer rubber base for superior stability. No matter the temperature or humidity, it maintains its shape and does not break or curl. You must carefully consider what kind of flooring backing will work best for your space. Backings with cleats are available for use on carpeted surfaces, while backings without cleats are available for use on hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or wood.

Thermoplastic Polymers Are Used In Their Construction

Thermoplastic polymers are widely used in the production of Waterhog mats. Some are built from polypropylene while others employ polyethylene in their construction. Both are extremely durable and potent plastic polymers, and they are the most common varieties used around the world. Because of their stain resistance and ease of cleaning, thermoplastic polymers are increasingly being used in household items.

Those Are Excellent For What They Are Intended To Do

Waterhog mats are multifunctional and can be used for many different things. They can do everything a standard mat can do and more. Waterhog mats are excellent at draining wet shoes and removing mud and dirt. The mats are highly effective in preventing accidents when used on slippery floors. Their nonslip undersides are a hallmark of their design, guaranteeing that you will not be injured in the event of a slip and fall.

Have A Special Border That Looks Like A Dam Of Water

Each mat bearing the Waterhog logo is distinguished by a distinctive “water dam border” that allows it to retain up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. The mat can absorb the same volume of water from snow, hail, or rain. Because of this edging, the mat will stay clean and dry.

Different Options Available

Waterhog mats come in many sizes and a variety of surface patterns to meet your specific requirements. You can choose any kind of mat you like, there are no restrictions. Having your company’s logo imprinted on a set of Waterhog mats is also an option. The vast array of opportunities at your disposal presents numerous advantages for you and your business.